Our Mission:

  1. Have fun
  2. Improve skills
  3. Help novices

Bonus Points:

  • 1 Point for Pole Position in your Class
  • 1 Point for Fastest Lap in your Class
  • 5 Points for Clean Race with 0 incidents (must run entire race)

Guidelines for ALL Races, whether a Fun Run or Season Race:

  1. Be respectful of your fellow racers. If you aren’t happy with someone on track, take it up with the admins, not the racer. We’ll handle it.
  2. Don’t ruin someone else’s race. We’re here to have fun and if you take out another car, well, it sucks. Don’t do it.
  3. Drive within your skill set. Don’t use races to push beyond the limit of your skills. That’s for practice.
  4. In a multiclass race, pick the class that best matches your skills. Don’t pick a faster car because it’s cool or looks fun. You’ll just be in the way of your fellow racers and/or cause accidents. If you can’t do lap times within range of your fellow racers in the class, you need to choose a different car next race.
  5. Learn the track and car before the race. Use practices to learn but show up early. Showing up to race without experience on the track and/or car is disrespectful to the other racers.
  6. Learn Racecraft. Running laps by yourself is entirely different than lapping with other cars. Until you are damn good, be cautious and aware.
  7. Lapped cars must yield to lead lap cars. Slower cars stay on the racing line and don’t do anything unexpected. It’s up to the faster cars to get around you. If you want to be courteous and move out of the way, do it waaaaaay early so they know what you are doing.
  8. Penalties will be decided by the admins. If you feel a penalty is warranted, submit a video to an admin. If you are unable to submit a video, tell us drivers involved, corner if you know it and the lap. We’ll do the rest.


  1. Causing an avoidable incident during pace lap or race. We’ll decide if it is a racing incident or avoidable.
    1. 1st offense: Loss of 10 points and start from pit lane next race
    2. 2nd offense: Loss of 25 points and start from pit lane next race
    3. 3rd offense: Race ban for 1 race
    4. 4th offense: Removed from the league
    5. (Counter starts over after 3 races in which you participate with no penalty)
  2. Purposely wrecking someone.
    1. If we deem any incident was done on purpose and/or in revenge, you will be banned for one race.
    2. Second offense in the same season and you will be removed from the league.
  3. All penalties will be posted on the league Facebook page.

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