All Sellers Change on Amazon

By | February 8, 2013

UPDATE: This change seems to be browser dependent. Firefox shows the All Sellers box (I don’t know if it is version dependent). Chrome, Safari and IE are still showing More Buying Choices. Perhaps Amazon is doing some testing to see the effects of the change before they roll it out.

If you sell products on Amazon that aren’t your own, you are familiar with the More Buying Choices area of the product page. This is where Amazon lists the other sellers that offer the same product. Those that didn’t make the Buy box. Amazon recently made a change to this area you need to be aware of because it is going to hurt non-Buy box sellers. This is an example of the More Buying Choices area before the change.

Old Amazon Style

It listed three vendors and their price. This old style drew the buyers attention to this area of the product page. This benefited the vendors that didn’t make it into the buy box, especially if Amazon was selling the same product as in this example.

Now for the change:

New Amazon Style

Big difference! It is now called All Offers, is much smaller, and doesn’t really call attention to the buyer. Sometimes the expanded “More Buying Choices” is used, at other times, the shorter format is used.

In my opinion I think this is going to have a dramatic effect on those sellers in the All Offers area. And it won’t be good. Many Amazon shoppers were barely aware of the “More Buying Choices” shown in the past. With this new change, it becomes almost an afterthought.

If you are a seller normally in this area, keep an eye on your sales. My suspicion is you are going to see it decline on these items.

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