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Using Auto Calculate in NetSuite’s Advanced Inventory Management

NetSuite's Advanced Inventory Management allows the user to fine tune their ordering process to carry the desired amount of inventory and order before stock will run out. Using the Auto Calculate feature, NetSuite will constantly change stock levels, reorder points and lead times based on previous sales and the user's desires for stock levels. To… Read More »

NetSuite and MailChimp Connected

One of my clients was looking for a way to connect NetSuite and MailChimp. After some research and testing I settled on Cazoomi. For $49.99/month (as of this writing) I was able to pull customers and contacts from NetSuite and connect them to the MailChimp newsletters. It took all of about an hour to create Saved… Read More »

ShoreTel Sky Integrated Applications Using Java

I recently submitted a support request to ShoreTel asking if there were plans to update ShoreTel Sky for NetSuite so it doesn’t use Java. Most modern browsers are moving away from plugins and toward standard HTML5 controls and technologies. Google Chrome, IE Edge and 32-bit Firefox do not support Java in current versions. I suggest… Read More »

Mailchimp’s Mandrill and Magento

Many Magento users have been using Mandrill by MailChimp to handle their outgoing SMTP transactional email services. This week Mandrill announced their service will no longer be free. For many Magento users, this puts you in a bind. ebizmarts, which provides a Magento Mandrill plugin via their Mage Monkey has said in their forums, Unfortunately what… Read More »