Unattended Cloud Backups

By | February 13, 2015

If your computer gets hacked, stolen or fails, do you need anything on it?

If so then unattended backup solutions are the best answer. These backup your computer without you having to be present or initiate the backup manually.

Most casual computer users don’t want to mess with backups.

Accidents happen

While important, it was always a big pain. You had to buy an external drive, connect it, purchase and install backup software, setup schedules and if you were lucky, it all worked. Then your software had updates, your drive stopped working and you gave up.

Local backups also have an inherent flaw, if your home burns down or is involved in a natural disaster, you lose both your backup and your computer.

With the internet, it doesn’t have to be pain in the butt.

It’s simple now. You download a piece of software from the internet and your files are stored on storage services located on the internet (the Cloud). With these solutions you can set it and nearly forget it. They’ll also keep versions of your files so if you accidentally save a file you can get an earlier version back. Cloud solutions do require a broadband internet connection.


CrashPlan is a service that can backup to the Cloud for a low fee. There is also a free version that will backup to a local hard drive and other computers for free. With the Cloud solution, you don’t have to create backup schedules, worry that your backup drive is working and you can access your backup from anywhere. It is insurance for your photos, financial information, pdfs and all the files and programs on your computer. If you don’t have an existing backup solution, or even if you do, I strongly recommend CrashPlan.

If you have a Mac, an unattended local backup solution is built-in to the system. Time Machine will backup everything and keep different versions of your files, all handled seamlessly in the background. It backs up to a local hard drive. However this still has the problem of being a local backup. Even Mac users should consider a cloud solution as well as using Time Machine.

Starting from scratch after computer problems can be a huge pain but it doesn’t have to be quite so bad as long as you have a reliable backup. Consider a cloud based backup solution.

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