Mailchimp’s Mandrill and Magento

By | February 27, 2016

Many Magento users have been using Mandrill by MailChimp to handle their outgoing SMTP transactional email services. This week Mandrill announced their service will no longer be free. For many Magento users, this puts you in a bind.

ebizmarts, which provides a Magento Mandrill plugin via their Mage Monkey has said in their forums,

Unfortunately what you say is true. Loosing (sic) Mandrill will include the features for Abandoned Carts Recovery and Autoresponder.
Please note that you could get the cheapest MailChimp paid account at U$S10 and without using MailChimp get the Mandrill features and the other modules as well.

There is nothing we can do about this changes.

For my clients, the Abandoned Carts Recovery is not an important feature of Mage Monkey. Some of my clients don’t even use Mage Monkey but I was using Mandrill to handle their outgoing email. With Mandrill changing to a paid service, I decided to switch to another transactional email service.

I went with SendGrid. They are one of the top companies doing transactional email and their setup is pretty easy. I converted all my clients in an afternoon. First I installed SMTP Pro for Magento via MagentoConnect. Next I created a SendGrid account. I then went to Settings > Credentials within SendGrid to create the username/password I needed within SMTP Pro.

Be sure to check the MAIL box.

Use this userid/password combo in SMTP Pro and save it. Next run a Self-Test under Logging and Debugging. This will make sure you have your userid and password setup correctly.

You could stop there but don’t! You want to create a Whitelist for your domain and the links within your emails. Again, simple to do within SendGrid but you will need access to your DNS settings to update them with the new CNAME records.

From within SendGrid, look under Settings and click on Whitelabels. Add a Whitelabeled domain. Click the “+ Use New Domain” to add your domain to the whitelist. Under Subdomain, I suggest using “spf”. It really doesn’t matter as long as the subdomain doesn’t already exist within your DNS configuration. It will look like this:

Click Save and it will create DNS information you need to add to your DNS configuration. Do it and click the Validate button to make sure you have done it correctly.

Next do the same thing for Email Links Whitelabels. It works the same as the Domain Whitelabel. I suggest “links” for the subdomain. Save it, copy the DNS information over to your DNS configuration and validate it. Keep in mind that for some DNS providers, the update may not happen immediately. I use Cloudflare and it does.

You are done!

If you have multiple clients like I do, create multiple User Credentials and Whitelist them all. This will make sure their email doesn’t get picked up as spam.

That’s it. If this is beyond your technical expertise, contact me and I’ll take care of it for you.

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