NetSuite and MailChimp Connected

By | May 31, 2016

Connect Mailchimp and NetSuiteOne of my clients was looking for a way to connect NetSuite and MailChimp. After some research and testing I settled on Cazoomi. For $49.99/month (as of this writing) I was able to pull customers and contacts from NetSuite and connect them to the MailChimp newsletters. It took all of about an hour to create Saved Searches and connect everything. It was painless.

If you are considering Cazoomi, know their out of the box configuration for NetSuite will only pull Contacts. For many NetSuite customers I’m guessing this isn’t good enough. For my client I created two saved searches. One that pulls customers of type Individual and another that pulls Contacts that buy for customers of type Company. There were some other criteria involved to make sure the correct records are pulled. These Saved Searches are then used with the Cazoomi configuration. Cazoomi will use the records returned in the search to pull the email address, first and last name, and other information if desired. All this is transferred to MailChimp on a scheduled basis. If desired subscription status can also be returned from MailChimp and put into NetSuite.

If you need help connecting NetSuite and MailChimp, contact me and I’ll help you get it setup.

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