ShoreTel Sky Integrated Applications Using Java

By | March 25, 2016

I recently submitted a support request to ShoreTel asking if there were plans to update ShoreTel Sky for NetSuite so it doesn’t use Java. Most modern browsers are moving away from plugins and toward standard HTML5 controls and technologies. Google Chrome, IE Edge and 32-bit Firefox do not support Java in current versions.

I suggest my clients use Chrome because of it’s increased security however with ShoreTel Sky for NetSuite requiring Java support, this forces them to use older browsers and their increased security risks.

The answer to my support request was “there are no plans to update any of our integration applications”. I was told to suggest an improvement via their ShoreTel Ideas! area.

Beware! If you are now using or considering using ShoreTel Sky and plan to use one of their integrated applications, if it is based on Java, you will be forced to use a less secure browser than currently available.

I hope ShoreTel Sky takes security of their clients more seriously in the future by updating their integrated application to current and secure technologies.

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