Part Numbers & Notes

Part numbers and such for my benefit. If you can use any of this info, even better.

Crush Washers

  • Engine Oil: 9956-41-400
  • Diff/Trans: 9956-41-800

Alignment Bolts

2- Lower Control Arm Front Bolt (N243-34-66ZA)
2- Lower Control Arm Rear Bolt (N247-34-66ZB)
2- Lower Control Arm Adjust Cam (F151-28-473) Front
2- Lower Control Arm Cam (F151-34-473) Rear
4- Lower Control Arm Retainer Nut (9YB0-41-413)
Torque: 100—121 ft·lbs

4- Plate Cam Sub Frame (KD35-28-473)
4- Lower Control Arm Lock Nut (9YB0-41-238)
4- Alignment Camber Adjusting Eccentric (N243-28-66Z) – Cam Bolt
Torque: 63—75 ft·lbs


  • Front
    • Disc Brake Caliper Bracket Mounting Bolt : Needs 4 : 9YA0-2A-225
    • Stoptech Rotors for C43 with race hardware : ST28.001.1118.CT.87
    • Raybestos ST-43 Pads : R701.20.ST43
  • Rear
    • Miataspeed Disc
    • Raybestos ST-43 Pads : R1000.13.ST43


  • Oil: 4.5 quarts
  • Diff: 0.6 quart
  • Trans: 2.1 quarts
  • Coolant: 6.3 quarts (6.0 liters)

Power Plant Frame

Diff to PPF:

Trans to PPF:

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