Pay Per Click Management Services

Expert PPC Management

I’ve been specializing in eCommerce PPC for 16 years. It’s the only type of PPC management I do. Pay Per Click advertising for an eCommerce business is different than for service-oriented businesses. It requires a unique approach to set up and manage for the best results. And when conversion tracking is used, those results are easily determined. You don’t have to question if your Search Engine Marketing is working, you should know!

Pricing for PPC Management

I keep it simple. 

  • PPC Budget up to $3,000 : $300/month
  • PPC Budget from $3,001 and up : 10% of monthly budget

Experience Matters

Pay per Click advertising firms hire “managers” by the bucket load. They are usually 20-somethings that get a little agency training, take a few online courses and then “manage” your hard-earned advertising dollars. They have a bunch of accounts and spend a little bit of time on each a few times a week. Is that what you want? It isn’t what I wanted with my business. I wanted to know my money was giving me the best possible return.

I’ll make sure you get the best ROI possible. How?

  1. I’ve got more experience than others. Bottom line, I’ve been doing it longer and know eCommerce PPC management inside and out.
  2. I limit my client base so I can spend the necessary time on each account. You won’t get shifted to a new ppc account manager every six months. You start with me and end with me.
  3. I learn your business. Your profit margins, customer lifetime value, product lineup, strengths, and weaknesses. I apply this knowledge to your ppc campaigns to give you the best return on your investment. I hate to see money wasted.
  4. I keep adjusting. Just because it is working today doesn’t mean it will be working well tomorrow. Your campaigns have to be monitored, adjusted and tuned to stay on top of each dollar spent.
  5. I’m very detail oriented and really easy to work with.
  6. Finally, I care. This isn’t just a temporary gig for me. I’m passionate about ppc management and damn good at it.

If you have an eCommerce business and want to improve your sales, let’s talk a bit. Call me at 339-788-3670 or use my contact form.