Project Management

Your guide in the Information Technology jungle.

I know this jungle very well. I’ve been in it both as a programmer and as a business owner. I understand it from all sides. Let me be your guide and interpreter.

Going through a site upgrade?

As an independent project manager, I have your goals in mind and I have experience doing this over many projects. Asking someone within your own staff to do this task is asking a lot if they’ve never managed a major development before. You don’t want them to learn how to do it while they do it. You want an experienced project manager. Plus – how will they do this new task and all their existing work?

You certainly don’t want the developers to manage your project. Like it or not, they are going to look out for their interests first. As an independent project manager, I keep the developers on task and check their work to make sure they are coding for your business needs. With my programming background, I’m able to check their work to make sure they aren’t cutting corners or being short-sighted.

When your project is completed, I want it to be the site you wanted AND the site that will service you in the long-term. Often times developers will give you the site you wanted but it will be expensive to maintain or difficult to tweak and change. You want as much flexibility in your site as possible without adding a lot of development costs.

Ultimately, you want the best return on your investment. I’ll help you get that!