SakeBomb Garage Variable Brake Booster Controller (VBBC) Review

If you want to improve the brake feel in your track car, the VBBC is worth a look. It’s used to fine-tune brake feel. I’ll let you visit their website to get the engineering behind it.

SakeBomb Garage Variable Brake Booster Controller (VBBC)


It was super easy to install. There are a couple of plugs and barb fittings that come loose in the package. You’ll start by installing these. You’ll need to use Teflon tape (yuck) or thread sealant (yes) on these. Doing this part takes 5 minutes. Next, remove the hose end from your brake booster and attach it to the correct end of the controller. Attach the U-shaped hose in the correct orientation to the booster and the other end of the controller. Put all the hose clamps in place and turn the controller all the way to the + side. That’s it. Installation complete.

VBBC Installed

Problem Solved

I got the unit to solve a shortage of modulation I have with my favorite brake pads – Raybestos ST43. They are super grippy and I don’t have the modulation I want. After I started using the better pads, I got used to them but they are very touchy. They just didn’t have the feel I wanted. On the first day with the VBBC, I didn’t have time to adjust it. I was too busy adjusting tire pressures, talking to people… you know the routine. The setting was fully on the + side and I didn’t notice any difference in my brakes.

Next day I gave it one full turn to the negative side and pushed the dial down to lock it into place. Back on track. Braking into the first corner I instantly felt the difference. There was more modulation available and better brake feel! Every time I hit the brakes, I had more control, a greater ability to finesse the brakes. That’s it, I haven’t touched the VBBC again.

In the future, I may try more adjusting to see what difference it makes but one turn and one day on track made it worth it for me!

Bottom Line

If you aren’t happy with your brake feel and modulation, the SakeBomb Garage Variable Brake Booster Controller (VBBC) is definitely worth a look. I couldn’t be more pleased.

2017 Mazda MX-5 RF
2017 Mazda MX-5 RF LE

2 thoughts on “SakeBomb Garage Variable Brake Booster Controller (VBBC) Review

  • Seigo Ma
    May 25, 2021 at 6:49 pm

    Does this give a firmer pedal at the limit?

    • KentBigDog
      May 25, 2021 at 9:32 pm

      It doesn’t make the pedal firmer. With racing pads, it can be too easy to get into the ABS. This provides for better modulation of the brakes.

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